Report: Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend appeals suit’s dismissal

Erica Herman, a former girlfriend of Tiger Woods, asked the Florida state court of appeals to reinstate her lawsuit against the golfer, USA Today reported on Monday.

The case was tossed in May when a judge ruled that a private arbitrator should hear the arguments instead of a public court.

In the suit, Herman maintained that Woods pursued a sexual relationship with her in 2017 while she was an employee at a restaurant he owned, alleging that he coerced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding their liaison or risk losing her job.

The new brief filed on Herman’s behalf states, according to USA Today, “Congress recently passed the Ending Forced Arbitration Of Sexual Assault And Sexual Harassment Act of 2021, precisely to prevent a plaintiff like Ms. Herman from being forced into arbitration by a former boss and sexual partner related to her employment and sexual relationship.”

Per USA Today, Woods’ attorney didn’t return a message seeking comment to the new filing but previously stated that Herman was “not a victim of sexual assault or abuse,” calling her a “jilted ex-girlfriend” who was filing “specious claims.”

In June, Herman dropped a separate $30 million lawsuit against Woods’ estate, alleging that Woods violated the landlord tenant act by tricking her into vacating his mansion in Jupiter Island in Florida.